My name is Shilpita Mathews. I am a MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change student at the LSE and a Research Assistant at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

I am also a Climate Correspondent at Youth Ki Awaaz (YKA), an Indian media platform. For more information or to read more of my writing, please visit my YKA profile, LinkedIn or personal blog.

Welcome to Climactic Tales – a photo story blog reflecting on the climate crisis.

As a student of climate economics, I frequently write on the intersectionality of climate change with development, and the impact it has on human lives.

In all of this, I often long to hear the stories that are at the forefront of the crisis. And to use my creative imagination, when there is a haunting silence between myself and those adapting to climate change today. This blog aims to fill this void.

Using Creative Commons photos showcased by Climate Visuals, I present narratives of less than 100 words, piecing together stories of hope and despair that define the global climate emergency.